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Basic navigation and interaction in VR mode

Basic navigation in virtual space

Moving around and observing your virtual surroundings works much like in reality. You can turn your head, walk in any direction or kneel to explore your surroundings more closely. Just remember to stay within the boundaries of your physical VR play area!

Please note that the safe playing area, which should be set up following the instructions of your hardware provider, is presented by a device-dependent grid that appears around your view when approaching its boundaries. Do not cross or reach beyond it! This might result in bumping into obstacles in the physical world and even result in injury.

Using your virtual hands and interacting with space

As you might have already noticed, you now have virtual hands instead of VR controllers. You can control their gestures by pressing the buttons of the VR controllers. The Trigger button controls your virtual index finger and the Grab button the others. Leave the buttons under your thumbs alone for a while — we’ll come to them in a minute. But do try out the trigger and grab buttons to get accustomed to using them!

Now it’s time to put your hand to use. In addition to just operating your fingers, the buttons enable you to interact with your surroundings. By holding the Grab button, you can grab objects and move them. Try it out with the Tablet by grabbing it from the side and moving your hand.

By holding the grab button and pointing at a selectable object, you’ll see a selection ray. By pulling the trigger while still holding the grab button you open the object’s context menu, allowing you to delete or scale the object. The context menu is operated by touch, just like the Tablet.