Glue Team Files

Far right in the top menu you can find Team files. This is your Team's cloud storage.

If you have a lot of files, links to pages are provided to let you quickly navigate through them for your Team's convenience.

You can use Team Files to upload and download files of any format, but keep in mind that only supported file formats can be imported or presented in Glue Spaces.

When opening up Team files you will find the + button for adding files from your local directory. Next is a button to filter all but files that you have personally added to your team’s Team files. Then you’ll see a search box and filters allowing you to find or organize the files by name, date, size or file format. You may also dictate your search using the speech to text feature.

Under the overflow menu, after each individual file, you will find choices to import, rename or delete the file in question.

When you open images, video or .pdf files from Team Files, a preview of the file will be presented on your tablet. You can import an image into the Space you are in, or present it on a screen if there's one available. By selecting Present, a separate window will appear – visible only to you – and which you can position to your liking and continue using other tools in the tablet at the same time.

Video and .pdf files can currently be presented only on dedicated display surfaces. You can read more about giving presentations in Glue using Team Files in the How To -section.

You can also import 3D objects into a space in FBX format using Team Files. Just remember to be considerate to users participating with more limited hardware as the use of FBX files may result in a suboptimal experience for them. There’s a separate chapter about FBX files to help you determine what kind of files are appropriate for the devices of your audience.