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Team & Team Spaces


When your organization starts using Glue, at least one team is created for you, and a person from your organization is assigned as the team admin. The team admin may then add more members with varying privileges and remove them from the team when they are no longer part of your organization.

As Glue stores business critical and sensitive information, all Glue users must be reliably authenticated, and only users identified as team members are able to access the team’s virtual spaces and files. This also applies to Glue’s own system administrators, so nobody can access your content without an invite! Your organization may span several teams, and we will later introduce additional features which will allow for streamlined cross-team sharing of files and spaces, but for now, a Glue team is the definite scope of visibility and access.

We will also be introducing guest privileges for occasions where you may want to invite someone to your virtual space, but with restricted access to your private content.

Team Spaces

In Glue, all collaboration takes place within a virtual space. This is the key differentiating factor when compared to traditional communications software. In audio or video calling systems, meetings are dimensionless and transient. Glue provides virtual spaces in which teams collaborate.

These spaces are immersive 3D environments which can either be selected from a library provided by our in-house art team, or which can be custom built specifically to your needs. When we place people together in a virtual room, what they see and hear as well as what they can touch and manipulate combine to elicit the feeling that they are there with others even when there is great physical distance between them. This promotes high-quality interactions through which people can effectively co-create, learn, or plan.
From Team Spaces in Glue Web you can find the selection of virtual spaces linked to your current team. Team Admins can also reset, remove or add spaces to the Team in here.


Browse our available Team Spaces here


Additional Team Spaces

Team Spaces opens the Space admin page that allows you to add and remove additional Spaces.

  •  Select the + icon to open Create a new Space Window.
  •  From the Space Asset drop-down you can see the list of available spaces.
  •  Select the Space.
  •  Enter the Space Name. This is the name visible in the space selection, for example: My Lounge.
  •  Select Create.
  •  You can have more than one instance of the same Scene Asset in a Team Space by naming them differently
 Check the Custom Server button only if you have a custom server hosting configuration set up by the Glue system administrators. Contact Glue support for more info.
 Editing Space info

Choosing an existing space card opens up Space settings that allows you to edit some basic parameters. 

  •  Space Name: Change the name of the space visible on Team Space
  •  Reset Space: Removes all drawings, annotations or imported 3D models permanently from the Space and resets it to its original state.
  •  Delete: Removes the Space along with all user-created content within it from the Team Space.
  •  Change Picture: Change/add custom thumbnail image for the Space.

Some visible fields are for Glue support troubleshooting and debugging purposes and therefore are read-only.