Organisation Admin Tools


Selecting the burger menu in the right top corner of the Glue Web screen reveals a dropdown menu where you can choose to add login code or to log out from Glue Web. Organisation users and admins can also choose the Organisation view to manage or view the Organisation details.

Selecting “Organisation” allows you to see the listing of users and public Teams in your Organisation. The Organisation view is only visible to users and admins. Guest users have no access to it.

Managing Teams in the Organisation view


Selecting “Teams” In the Organisation view gives you the listing of the existing Teams and enables creating a new Team or managing the existing ones.


Creating a Team in your organisation


Selecting “Create a new Team” opens up a window where you can give a name to the Team, select whether it is a private or public Team, and to optimise the session performance - select a region based on where the majority of Team members are located. 


There are  two types of teams:

  • A private team (default) which can be joined only with an invitation to the Team.
  • A public/open to everyone team. Can be joined by all users (except guest users) in the organisation.

Managing the existing Teams in your organisation


You can manage any of your existing Teams by selecting the hamburger menu in the Team listing.

You can either 

  • Leave or join the Team
  • Modify the Team
  • Manage members in the Team (add Organisation users or guest users as members to the Team, and admin the Team admin privileges.)
  • Delete the Team


Selecting the "Modify this Team"  enables you to change the name of the Team and manage its privacy.

By setting it private you ensure that no more users can join the Team without Organisation admin or Team admin adding them as members.


By choosing “Manage members” you can add Organisation users as members to the Team and enable or disable the Team admin privileges for existing members.

Add a member to a Team-1

Team moderator privileges


Managing users in the organisation 


Selecting “users” in the Organisation view gives you a listing of the current users in your organisation. The view also contains a search field that allows you to make a search to see if someone already is a user in your organisation.


User roles can be assigned via the dropdown menu and users can be removed with "Remove Users". 


Inviting new users in the Organisation


By selecting "Invite Users" new users can be invited to the organisation. 

Note: At least one Team must be selected before members can be added to the Organisation.

The  invitation model allows for multiple invitations with the same role and invitation messages to be added at the same time (this is a website only feature, the tablet allows only one invitee as before). The dropdown menu has all the Organisations Teams listed and the new users can be added to one or more of the Teams. At least 1 team must be selected before the invitations can be sent.

Note: "Add" must be selected to list the people you want to add.


 Any added user can be removed before sending the invitations.