Glue Web – Overview

Web portal

The Team administrator can manage Teams and space member access rights, as well as reset scenes from the Glue web portal. If you have the administrator rights, go to Glue Web and log in using your username and password. Please note that all users can access the web portal, but only Administrators have the editing rights.



When your organization starts using Glue, at least one team is created for you, and a person from your organization is assigned as the team admin. The team admin may then add more members with varying privileges and remove them from the team when they are no longer part of your organization.

As Glue stores business critical and sensitive information, all Glue users must be reliably authenticated, and only users identified as team members are able to access the team’s virtual spaces and files. This also applies to Glue’s own system administrators, so nobody can access your content without an invite! Your organization may span several teams, and we will later introduce additional features which will allow for streamlined cross-team sharing of files and spaces, but for now, a Glue team is the definite scope of visibility and access.

We will also be introducing guest privileges for occasions where you may want to invite someone to your virtual space, but with restricted access to your private content.

Team Spaces

In Glue, all collaboration takes place within a virtual space. This is the key differentiating factor when compared to traditional communications software. In audio or video calling systems, meetings are dimensionless and transient. Glue provides virtual spaces in which teams collaborate.

These spaces are immersive 3D environments which can either be selected from a library provided by our in-house art team, or which can be custom built specifically to your needs. When we place people together in a virtual room, what they see and hear as well as what they can touch and manipulate combine to elicit the feeling that they are there with others even when there is great physical distance between them. This promotes high-quality interactions through which people can effectively co-create, learn, or plan.
Here you can find the selection of virtual spaces linked to your current team. It's also the default view when entering the Glue web portal. Team Admins can reset the scenes from here or add and remove additional spaces.

Browse our available Team Spaces here

Team Files

We understand the need for other systems to communicate with Glue and the need to extract data from Glue to other systems. Each Glue Team is set up with a file storage that can be used to share arbitrary files with other team members. In addition to file sharing, various types of image, video, and 3D model files can be imported into the Glue virtual spaces. Files of any format can be uploaded in Glue Web and shared via Team Files, but only supported file formats can be imported and presented in Glue spaces. 

The supported file formats are (Read more in our 3D model import guidelines before uploading 3D files):

  • mp4 (H.264 1080p Full HD max)
  • Pdf
  • Jpg
  • png
  • Fbx 
  • Obj 
  • Gltf 
  • Glb 
  • Stl
  • Ply 

As we persist all team spaces, this allows you to import your presentations and 3D models well in advance before a meeting. You may prepare your presentation on a desktop computer, upload the files into Glue, and then use a mobile device to join the meeting for presenting your material.

You can export artifacts created in Glue such as browser bookmarks & screenshots, content on whiteboards or images created with a in-app camera. All of these can be accessed using the Glue Web user interface in a regular browser such as Chrome or Safari.

Team Members

Users that have access to your Team and Team Spaces can be found here. If you need to restrict member access to specific Spaces, you can create a new Team with this specific Space and assign these users to the new Team.

For example, let’s say you want Marketing and Sales teams to have their own Lounge meeting spaces. Create one Team for Sales and another for Marketing. Assign members to their respective team spaces and add a Lounge scene to both of them.

Inviting new members

Only team admins can invite and remove members within their organization’s Team(s). You should name at least one user with administrator permissions. If a team is created through our web pages, the user becomes the team administrator.

  •  Select Invite Members to open the Invite new member to team window
  •  Add the member’s email address and choose the user role.
  •  The invitation is sent to the user's email address and they need to accept the invitation before accessing Glue.
  •  The administrator can see the invitation status from the list. “Invitation pending” means the user has not yet accepted the invitation
  •  The invitation is valid for 10 days. If the user does not accept it, the administrator can resend the invitation