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Using VR-controllers to teleport

Using VR-controllers to teleport

The rule of thumb in navigating vast spaces is knowing how to use your thumbs. VR controllers have either a thumbstick or a trackpad for using with thumbs. Nevertheless, they both have same capabilities in Glue, allowing you to navigate in space beyond the limitations of your physical play area.


By pressing and holding the thumbstick/trackpad, an arch appears. You can move the endpoint (aim) by moving the controller. When the arch is blue you can jump to the end point. Red indicates an area you can’t jump to.

Release the thumbstick/pad and voilà, you teleport to the end point. This allows you to move around in virtual space without breaking a sweat. You know you’re a power user when you find yourself wiggling thumbs unconsciously hoping to teleport while walking in the real world.

Using VR-controllers to rotate your position

Twisting thumbs can sometimes be a good thing as teleporting is not all you can do with thumbsticks/pads. If you using VR in seated position (stationary) , or you have limited available space for setting up the play area, it might be less than ideal for effective operation in virtual space. By turning the thumbstick/dragging on the trackpad left or right, you can easily adjust your orientation in virtual space to better match your play area.