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Team Files

We understand the need for other systems to communicate with Glue and the need to extract data from Glue to other systems. Each Glue Team is set up with a file storage that can be used to share arbitrary files with other team members. In addition to file sharing, various types of image, video, and 3D model files can be imported into the Glue virtual spaces. Files of any format can be uploaded and shared via Team Files, but only supported file formats can be imported and presented in Glue spaces. 

The supported file formats are:

  • mp4 (H.264 1080p Full HD max)
  • Pdf
  • Jpg
  • png
  • Fbx
  • Obj
  • Gltf
  • Glb
  • Stl
  • Ply

As we persist all team spaces, this allows you to import your presentations and 3D models well in advance before a meeting. You may prepare your presentation on a desktop computer, upload the files into Glue, and then use a mobile device to join the meeting for presenting your material.

You can export artifacts created in Glue such as browser bookmarks & screenshots, content on whiteboards or images created with a in-app camera. All of these can be accessed using the Glue web user interface in a regular browser such as Chrome or Safari.