Team Files

Glue Teams are equipped with built-in file storage, making it easy for team members to seamlessly share files. In addition, Glue virtual spaces support a wide variety of file formats for images, videos, and 3D models, which can be both presented and imported. While Team files allow sharing of files in any format, it's important to note that only specific file formats are supported for importing or presenting in Glue spaces. To learn more about presenting content in Glue, check out the Knowledge base article on Presenting Content in Glue

Only Team members are granted access to Team Files,  ensuring that non-members are unable to view or retrieve the files.

Video file formats that can be shared on a screen in Glue spaces.

  • mp4 (H.264 30fps, 1080p max) 

Presentation file formats that can be shared on a screen in Glue spaces.

  • Pdf

Image file formats that can be both imported in Glue spaces and shared on a screen in Glue spaces. Additionally, the imported images integrate with the Whiteboard and can be attached to it, just like the Notes feature.

  • Jpg
  • png

3D file formats that can be imported in Glue spaces.

  • Fbx
  • Obj
  • Gltf
  • Glb
  • Stl
  • Ply
  • 3mf

For the best practices on importing 3D files, please refer to our 3D model import guidelines. You can also find guidelines on optimizing your video files for optimal sharing performance here.

When you upload files to the Team files, you have the flexibility to control their visibility in the Team Files listing. You can choose to make the files visible to everyone on the Team, enabling seamless collaboration, or you can keep them private and visible only to yourself.

Additionally, many items created within Glue, such as browser bookmarks, screenshots from the whiteboard, and images captured using the in-app camera, will be automatically saved to the Team Files. These files can be easily accessed and exported through the Glue web user interface on a regular browser like Chrome or Safari.