Glue Basic Concepts

July 02, 20241 min read

This is a short description of the basic concepts of Glue. Read more about the rights and restrictions of different user roles here. There are also separate knowledge base articles about how to manage your Team or Organisation.


Basic Concepts - Organisation

An Organisation in Glue is the entity that contains all your users and teams.


Basic Concepts - Users

Everyone belonging to an organisation in Glue is considered a user.

The users who manage everything within the organisation are called org admins.

Guest users can be invited from outside the organisation to collaborate. Their visibility to the organisation structure and access to assets is limited.


Basic Concepts - Teams

Organisation users are members of one or more teams.

Each team has one or more Team admins with slightly elevated privileges, who can manage the Team´s members and content.

Teams can be made private, requiring an invitation to join.

Team Access

Basic Concepts - Team Access

Teams have their own cloud file storage and can work across multiple virtual spaces. Only the Team members have access to these.

*Org admins have access to everything within their Organisation.

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