Available Glue Team spaces

Glue offers you a set of ready Glue Team Space.  Below you can find a short Glue Team Space presentation of each of the available spaces. Enjoy!


Sky Hall:

Sky Hall is ideal for sales meetings & product showcases. Inside and outside meeting points work well for a smaller group of people. While a spacious hall is perfect for a product showcase giving you ample room to display car-sized 3D objects. All in a stylish design with a great mountain view.



The name speaks for itself, workshop space is ideal for a gathering of a large group of people. A large screen makes it easy to present any kind of material. The white, open design gives you a feeling of being in a real exhibition hall.


The Guildhouse:

Virtual coffee, tabletop games and informal after work gatherings. That is what our the new team space, the Guildhouse, is all about.


This hill-top, open-air space provides users with a relaxing, uncompromising setting for your team collaborations. In the development of Mont Matiz, we drew on industry best practices and expert insight to give you the perfect setting for your creative workshops. This new space is our largest and also works well for town halls, team building sessions, exhibitions and events.

Scrum place:

You might have seen those TV-shows where a house or an apartment goes through a complete renovation. After the renovation process you might not even recognise that it is still the same spot. Well, we did this in virtual reality.

Behold the new Scrum Place!
Our team of digital renovators reinvented Scrum Place by doubling its size and providing it a completely new look and feel. S War rooms and scrum meetings need a certain type of setting – often featuring a large task board where progress can be tracked and around which teams can huddle. We have designed Scrum Place for the job.


Project Garden:

For all-hands meetings and workshops, there’s Project Garden. This versatile setting features three different color-coded sub-spaces, connected by a central square. Large teams can divide into groups, before reconvening as one.

Clarity Island:
Surrounded by a calm blue sea, this small island provides a relaxing setting for engaging 1-on-1 discussion. A distraction-free horizon helps you keep your focus on the meeting agenda, while the canopy provides enough space to spawn whiteboards for brainstorms whenever needed.

Southwark Tower:
Fancy meeting high above London’s rooftops? This beautiful room serves as a distraction-free space for important discussions among small groups.


Offering a new way for company executives to come together, the Boardroom is our largest space, equivalent in size to two-and-a-half hockey rinks. This space features audio isolation functionality, enabling participants to have private discussions in a dedicated break-out room.



Lake Cubic

This minimalistic team space consists of two islands connected by a bridge. The separate islands are perfect for private discussions or small gatherings.



How about having your meeting surrounded by snowy Alps? This room with its breathtaking view is the perfect setting for different types of chats with your colleagues.