Custom Experiences

In addition to importing your static custom spaces into Glue, it’s also possible to create custom environments with complex game logic, like training for complicated or dangerous procedures, or amazing and entertaining bespoke experiences.

This requires an Enterprise license package and contracting us to implement it completely or delivering an environment created by a 3rd party developer to be complemented by us with advanced interactivity.

The same principles on creating environment assets apply here as when importing on your own. It is recommended that you (or your chosen 3rd party developer) utilize the provided tools to test the performance and visual fidelity of the asset before delivering it to us for further processing. This avoids potential delays or extra costs caused by space optimization work.

Delivering the space asset for Glue for advanced interactivity development

  • Once the space is ready. Archive (.zip) the folder that you created for the space in section 2. of “Creating Glue space asset”.
  • Validity of the asset can be tested by creating a new unity project and copying the folder under the new projects Asset folder. It should look and work as it did in its original project.
  • Deliver the archived space asset to us.