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Glue for HTC VIVE Focus 3

Setup and installation for HTC VIVE Focus 3

Glue is publicly available for download the VIVE Business AppStore
When wearing the headset access the Appstore and simply search for Glue.
The installation commences automatically from the App store. 

Network settings for HTC VIVE Focus 3

Glue meetings can be accessed from any network that fulfils the requirements listed below. Even with mobile 4G network connection Glue experience is fine and dandy if firewall is not blocking the necessary communication.

Following adjustments to your network may be required to be able to use all Glue features:

Domains to be whitelisted for HTTPS traffic:

  • collab.glue.work
  • glue.eu.auth0.com
  • *.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
  • *.s3-eu-west-1-r-w.amazonaws.com
  • *.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com
  • *.hel50.r.cloudfront.net

Domains whitelisted for encrypted TCP / UDP traffic:

  • *.rt.collab.glue.work, ports 7780-7799