Glue Space Template Creation Tool

The environment has a big impact on the comfort and effectiveness of collaborating. While Glue provides a wide selection of spaces for most common business scenarios, a space tailored for your specific needs and use case can have tremendous value, serving your goals to collaborate, co-create, learn, plan, and make decisions effectively.

In addition to bespoke environments and experiences that can be provided by us, or by a 3rd party developer (requires our Enterprise license package), you can now bring your custom spaces to Glue by yourself using Glue Template Creation Tool, which consists of our Unity plugin and the in-app Space Template management featureGetting your self-built virtual environment to Glue used as a collaborative space is not particularly difficult; all the information you need to get going is provided in the following articles.

Glue Space Template Creation Tool is not a fully-fledged Software Development Kit in the precise technical sense of the term. Currently, our support for User Generated Content does not yet enable associating behavioral logic to environments such as tagging user-provided content being grabbable, sittable, usable as a casting surface, etc., but allows uploading static content into Glue to be used as templates for new Glue Spaces. Read more about creating a custom experience consisting of full Glue functionality here.


Watch a video of how to use the tool here.