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Video Tutorials

Watch our video tutorials for a hands on look at Glue.

How to obtain Glue log from various platforms

What are Glue log files? 1. Player.log - A text file that contains logs from your last Glue session. 2. Player-prev.log - This is a Player.log from your previous session (The one before the last session). It is there to help saving some crucial info in case of restart or crashes.

3D Model Import Guidelines

Most 3D packages have FBX available as an export format to convert your 3D model to. Refer to the user manual for specific instructions with your selected software. If you don’t already have software capable of file conversions, there are several free or low-cost alternatives available.

What can I do if my avatar is muted even if my Glue microphone is not?

With a PC or Mac, this usually results from the input audio pointing at the wrong device in the device OS settings. It is advisable to check that also the Glue audio settings are set to the correct audio device.