How to obtain Glue log from various platforms

What are Glue log files?


1. Player.log

  • A text file that contains logs from your last Glue session.

2. Player-prev.log

  • This is a Player.log from your previous session (The one before the last session). It is there to help saving some crucial info in case of restart or crashes.

Where can i find it (Windows)?


  • Open Explorer and go to:
    C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Glue Collaboration\Glue
    and copy Player.log and Player prev.log
  • đź’ˇ Not the logs folder, only the two files.
  • đź’ˇ Hidden Files must be enabled in  Explorer’s view



Where can i find it (MacOS)?

  • Open Console and go to:
    Log Reports > Player.log/Player prev.log >Click RMB* on it >
    Reveal in finder and copy Player.log and Player-prev.log


Where can i find it (Standalone Headset 1/4)?

To find Glue log files from Oculus Quest/Pico Neo/HTC Focus (and many
other Android based standalone devices) You need a few prerequisites:

  • Open Browser and go to:
  • Download version for your platform -Win/Mac
  • Install according to instructions:


Where can i find it (Standalone Headset 2/4)?

After installation open an Android Studio

  • Choose Start a new Android Studio project
  • Select No Activity and click next
  • On the next screen leave everything as it it by default*
    and click Finish twice

    *No matter what You choose as long as You’re not using
    this project for a development

Where can i find it (Standalone Headset 3/4)?

When the Android Studio Project is open:

  • Wait until the Gradle finishes building a project. When it is done and a Logcat
    Tab in the bottom left corner appears,  click on it.
  • Now You can Plug in Your Headset


Where can i find it (Standalone Headset 4/4)?

Turn on Your Headset and connect it to your computer with a USB cable.

  • Connecting Quest/Pico/HTC Focus etc. for the first time may prompt
    a Trust this computer” dialog in the headset display.
    Use controllers to press “Trust Always”.
  • When You connect it, headset should appear in the Logcat window.
  • Type Unity in the search bar and uncheck Regex.
  • Then - start Glue. When the session/app crashes or some issues occur  - select the whole text from the Logcat window - and copy it to for ex. Notepad and save it as a Device .log*
  • Next time just plug in Your headset, turn on Android studio and start Glue - and in case of some troubles - just copy the log file as above.

*Name of the device that You are using, ex: Quest.log/Pico.log/HtcFocus.log