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Glue network settings and requirements

Network settings & requirements

Glue meetings have a very low bandwidth requirement. In fact, we have had successful meetings over Glue with mobile 3G connections.

The assets and data for the three dimensional virtual meeting rooms are downloaded to the device before entering the chosen room for the first time. Therefore entering a new virtual meeting room/space can require more and preloading the necessary room/space to Glue in advance is recommended for slower connections.

  • Reliable Internet connection (all participants): Cable or 4G/LTE preferred.

Bandwidth and other qualities

  • Glue basic bandwidth 150-300 Kb/s on all platforms.
  • When content streaming such as desktop sharing or video sharing is used either to share or receive, bandwidth is bumped up to 5-20Mb/s both up and downstream depending on the content bitrate.
  • Response time / latency limits: Recommended network latency (point-to-point) is 50ms or less. However - Glue can tolerate higher latency with cost in the session quality.
  • Stable connections (Even though the bandwidth requirements are moderate, Glue can not tolerate errors in the connection).



It policy and firewall configuration

The client application communicates using HTTPS with the following servers that must be whitelisted:

  • *.glue.work - if not possible, use
    • web.glue.work
    • auth.glue.work
    • collab.glue.work
    • glueos.glue.work
    • *.daily.co - if not possible, use
      • gs.daily.co
      • b.daily.co
      • c.daily.co
      • glc.daily.co
      • wss.daily.co
    • *.s3.amazonaws.com - if not possible, use
      • glue-session-assets-collab.s3.amazonaws.com
      • glue-public-static-resources.s3.amazonaws.com
    • *.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com - if not possible, use
      • glue-collab-asset.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
      • glue-public-static-resources.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
    • *.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com - if not possible, use
      • glue-public-static-resources.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
    • *.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com - if not possible, use
      • kinesisvideo.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
    • cdnjs.cloudflare.com
    • code.jquery.com
    • prod-ks.pluot.blue
    • sdk.amazonaws.com
    • twilio.com
    • unpkg.com
    • webrtc.github.io
    • xirsys.com

    Recommended whitelisted for all non-proxy connections

    When your connection is not behind a proxy server it is recommendable to whitelist the domains for encrypted TCP/UDP traffic for better performance. 

    Domains for encrypted TCP / UDP traffic for direct connections:

    • *.rt.collab.glue.work, ports 7780-7799

    These domains are valid for non-custom Glue hosting. If you use custom hosting solutions and/or regions, please contact Glue support.