Glue Avatar


As Glue sessions take place in a 3D environment (Team space), all session participants are represented as 3D avatars. Glue avatars consist of the upper part of the human body. For VR users it also includes the hands for interactions and moving.

​​The Glue team has paid special attention to making the avatars feel as human as possible. This includes bendable joints, blinking eyes that always follow the nearest speaker - giving you a feeling that the avatar is listening when spoken to, mouth movement according to the user's speech, and facial expressions controlled by the user's tone of voice.

Your Avatar is how other users will see you in Glue. With the "My Avatar" tool you can edit the looks of your avatar, and give it a nickname. You can access “My Avatar” by choosing the blue person icon in the top right corner of either your Glue Web screen or the tablet in the Glue app. Watch a video of how to adjust the looks of your avatar here.

VR users can move their avatars and interact in Glue space with VR controllers. Watch a video of how to use VR controllers for teleporting (moving in VR) and interacting here. Desktop users use keyboard commands for moving and interacting. Read about moving and interacting in Glue in our knowledge base article here