WhiteboardPressing this button creates a new Whiteboard in front of you. It works pretty much the same as its siblings in reality. This tool is available for both VR and desktop users. As a desktop user – please use the mouse for the following.

    •  You can grab the whiteboard from the sides and reposition it where you want.
    •  The pen and eraser can be picked up by grabbing them.
    •  To use the pen and eraser, simply touch the surface of the Whiteboard. When you release your grab, they return to where you picked them up from. Easy, isn’t it?

Hot usability tip: If you prefer not to keep holding the controller buttons when interacting with objects, you can change the button behavior from the Settings > Hand gestures buttons > Toggle mode instead of Hold

    •  To adjust the color and thickness of the pen, touch the preferred preset with the tip of the pen.
    •  If you find the color presets limiting, you can touch the custom color preset and chooseany color for your pen from color picker that opens with the tip of your pen or index finger.
    •  To delete the whiteboard, press Delete on the lower left corner.
    •  To get a fresh new whiteboard and erase the current contents, press the Clean button
    •  If you want to save the content on your whiteboard, press the button with a Camera symbol. That will save the content into the Team files 
    • You can do other cool things with Whiteboard besides just drawing. Keep reading to learn about Notes!