How to optimize my video files for Glue?

For the best performance video share from the Team files, first make sure that your video is in supported file format and codec. It is also recommendable to optimize the bitrate.

Glue supports mp4 video format in H.264 codec and Full HD (1080p) resolution, but there are also some other qualities that affect the video sharing performance: User connection bandwidth, hardware capabilities and video bitrate all play a part, and as the amount of users and possible 3D assets in the session also affect the bandwidth - it is hard to pinpoint any exact numeric guidance.

In general it can be said that:

  • 30fps framerate is recommendable
  • Glue supports video codec H.264 (H.265 not supported)
  • Glue supports video resolution up to 1080p - but the visible quality difference to 720p is insignificant and as lower resolution leads to lower bitrate (which has a big impact on the performance) - We recommend using 720p resolution.
  • Bitrate of the video is the quality that has the biggest impact on the performance (not so much the file size - obviously excluding any excessive size). We recommend packing the video in any of the under 1080p social media (facebook, twitter, vimeo, youtube) optimized presets. The bitrate with those is 2-16 Mbps. In our experience the Twitter 720p HD with 2Mbps bitrate performs really well in Glue.