Glue Tablet

July 03, 20241 min read
Glue Tablet

The Tablet is an essential tool for using Glue. It is a hub for accessing all the Collaboration tools, Toolbar, and Team files, and switching between Team spaces. Also, you can see the full listing of your fellow Team members, if you don't mind.

To access your Tablet in VR, touch your virtual wrist with your other virtual hand. In desktop mode, you'll find the Open Tablet button in the Toolbar, which is visible in your view of the Glue space. If desired, you can hide the Toolbar by pressing the ESC key, and pressing ESC again will bring it back.

Similar to real-world tablets, this virtual Tablet is touch-controlled. When you open it, the Tablet appears in the center of your view. In VR mode, you can easily reposition it by grabbing it from the sides. Once moved, it maintains that position as you teleport or move around in the virtual space.

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